Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Famous and didn't even know it!

Today my friend Denise told me she was looking through her google reader and saw my pinterest boards being featured on a site called "flamingo toes"! I said what? Nobody ever told me!

So I went in search of what she was talking about and I guess I was a guest featured Pinterest Friday especially because of my christmas boards which she counted I had 21 of (do I really? wow!) here is a link to her post

Not much fun when you're famous and don't even notice this! Was December 14! Oh well...if you want to check out my pinterest boards I do have a few here and there...

Thanks for Flamingo Toes for featuring me...I might have even been flattered way back in December rather than now! oh well...Life goes on right? I have a desire to do more things for myself...

I actually scanned in about 25 of my greeting cards to post on Etsy and actually have more than 2 items for sale! I added my the uploading isn't hard but doing the whole catch phrases and wording I need to get noticed..I have figured I would be able to change it later when I am more "into it" right?

Will let you know when my etsy shop gets a bit more in it...the link is... ( I have added about 10 so far...will try to get more done...I just get bogged down in all the wording and tags--which by the what our next Etsy meeting going to be on! I need it myself!)

And my pinterest boards.... are at

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  1. I follow Flamingo Toes on RSS feed. It's a great feeling knowings someone's put your items on Pinterest. Glad you're starting to add your cards!