Monday, January 14, 2013

Using what I find.....

When I am out running around at Garage sales, or rummage sales, or junk (I mean antique) dealers, I am always looking for pieces I can use in my craft room. I would like to use things that are not brand new and shiny, they dont' have to be really old either...just something that can be used to hold things in my craft room.. Might be something meant to be a plant holder turned into an ink and paint holder etc! 

I don't have my special Craft Table that I want built yet so I will settle once again for this fold up table. thought I'd put some of my found objects in together with my supplies so this look less sterile and more like a home craft workshop. On top of the one item I have some antique items including an old cowbell (I think I might modpodge it haha) and on the table top there are some jewelry and other type of holders in the far corner, plus some german glass glitter in little salt shaker bottles as decoration on top!

I have a lot more to share....If things aren't white....I'm afraid they soon will be! I have white on the brain! Well like an heirloom white of course. And who knows when I might add some ephemera transfers etc to the items....sooner probably than later!

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