Monday, January 14, 2013

Some more repurposed items

 So here are some more things I painted white. I should have taken more before and afters. This top piece I found in a friends old back end of their shop all rusty and falling apart, had a few tools in it that I took out. I like how the drawers are larger than 12 x 12 paper and slide out. The whole thing is metal.

Anyway it was pretty ugly green when i got it and was pretty rusted. I don't mind the rust so much as the ugly green! So I took each drawer out and painted the fronts only of them cost too much to paint the inside of the thing just take too much paint. then I painted the top and 2 sides of the metal holder (didn't care about the back or the bottom.

So then because the interior isn't something I want to lay something nice on I took some wallpaper and glued it to the inside of each drawer so I can safely keep items in here and not worry about the rust coming through... Eventually I need to add a pull to the bottom of the set and then put my little labels in the label holders---probably black chalkboard kind of thing....

Finally I had these other two Items for some time that I picked up. they need SOMETHING on the front of them. The top piece is filing cabinets that are just big enough for my cards I do for selling! fits them and the envelopes for now. It is metal and I painted it white.

Below that is a wooden piece I picked up somewhere that has these 2 really nice deep drawers with cool handles. It was already painted white when i got it but it fits some nice specialty items in the drawers So these turned out well. Are they done? Never!

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