Sunday, March 1, 2015

Using props to bring a thought to life

My final with using props. I kind of hated my Coffee one it was just so BLAH! but I continue to share it as it is a learning process. I guess the problem is I was trying to do what someone else thought was good to do.

Trying to "be still Sunday" when life crashes in

My cat has to be in the middle of EVERYTHING!  I am taking an ongoing workshop on learning to be still and use that in still life photography to express many themes and words. Today as I was prepping for the photos #MarleytheDivaCat decided she had to be in the middle of what I was doing. What cracks me up the most is that she gets in front of me then refuses to look at the camera! She is so much a diva!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Working with props

One thing in still life you learn is how to group and arrange a composition that speaks something in its single image. Learning how to compose these items is one of the hardest things in photography as there is never a "right" way to do so, however there are many "wrong" ways. You simply need to look at an image and feel it makes you feel off kilter, or find it odd in its mood, or simply just seems juvenile or nothing unique or special.

In the use of props many times you have to play with items in several situations taking multiple shots before you land upon one that seems like you have the ability to "enjoy" the image without trying to fix it or decide some way it can be done better.

I started with these 3 items trying to get the idea about how things come together in my life from the life outdoors to the crafting indoors though a simple image to me in conveys a simple message of today, along with the texture of the table and background.

Trust the process

Sometimes we head in directions where we do not know where the path will end. We do know that it is heading in a good way but hard to see the end from the beginning. Right now I am simply "enjoying the journey" as a part of this week's prompt to trust the process. In class this has to do with learning how to express ourselves through photography but really it spills out into every area of our lives.

Do we trust the process of the perfecting of our lives? Do we constantly nip at the pathway and wonder if it is worth the hassle it seems to create. Are we on a good path to being with that is able to be trusted? If you are on a path that leads to anything but to become more like Christ then we are not on a path that can be trusted.

Many think they are simply standing still in life, but since life is always going forward if we are not going forward then we are sliding back.

This image is the start of the morning. Many like coffee..I am not yet a coffee connoisseur but I do know my MOCHA! When I go to #dutchbros I ask for my drink to be "breve" which I guess means made with cream instead of milk. Less carbs for me is good.

This image shows a portion of the process needed to make my morning mocho which I consume about 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes it is sooo soothing to just sit relax and drink the warm liquid.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Room to Breathe..its the Heart of the matter

Learned some good tips for using Lightroom CC today. Love learning shortcuts from someone who has been doing what I do ahead of me and save me the time of rooting out the information one bit at a time.

Also applied a new preset they created. Its fun to play with someone else's ideas of image alterations and see how they work with your image.

However the overall message was learning to have "room to breathe" in your life. A place away from all of the stress and activity by taking a walk or doing something that gets you out of the home and with room around you enjoying the space in your life.