Saturday, December 7, 2013

Merry Christmas Banner

I created a Christmas banner with printables...I printed all on cardstock. These are set up to all printo on 8 1/2 x 11 paper sideways. But if you want smaller you can adjust to your size. Here is my version with glitter added, vintage buttons on top and I strung it with ribbon through the buttons.... you are welcome to click on the image, then save for your own use if you would like to make one....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

To Paint or Not to Paint....

I Have had this in my home for about 20 years. Used to be my moms. She had no room for it. It is an actual BAR, had places for Ice buckets in the door, a slide out tray for getting to items, places to hang glasses, places for bottles in the door... BUT it wasn't useful for anything else at all.

I have removed and SAVED all of those special items from the inside...along with the screws etc. But the outside is just a little too.

So what is your opinion?
First Picture shows it in a decent form
 This is the top part the rolling shelf is set down and no long rolls but you can see the glass hangers in the back somewhat there were 2 racks on the doors for other glasses
 This is the lower shelf, On the doors of this is where about 60% of all the big pieces that took up so much room.
 So as a storage unit its not so bad...need to make it work...
 See how the top is so damaged? That is my guilt free idea to paint this
 Of course these knobs will not get painted will be removed and stay as is
 There is plenty of detail in the corners...I think painting would bring that out

Monday, September 23, 2013

Don't make Hasty Decisions....

This last summer I lost my mom to breast cancer. After this happened I found that very little in my life seemed to mean much to me at all and I started selling off things that I really LOVED in the past but seemed to mean so little to me now.

However I got some advice (after most of the selling) that said I shouldn't make any major changes for at least a year and at least 6 months for things that were like this. I had purchased some items that I LOVED and looked for a long time.

We also were low on finances due to some unforeseen costs and the fact I am not currently working on anything other than filling in on occasion for some businesses and an occasional payment for some online work (I normally due for free). So making the money seemed like something I found purpose in.

Today....I decided I was not going to sell 2 items that I looked for a long time, got good deals on and are really "me". The money seemed more important than things in light of my loss. But now I've decided if I'm going to sell anything more than has really "spoken to me" in the past...I will wait until after the new year to decide to sell.

The worst part was contacting the people who I had talked to about selling. So far the one person said she found something better for less price (not sure if she was upset or not) and the other has not responded. If either of them were to get really upset I would go ahead and sell...I want to keep my word. But I think they both understand what I'm going through and are not the type...but one never knows!

Here are my items that I love...The buffet I got for only $100 and the top for about the same (they don't fit together as you can see) I would like to hang the top separately so they aren't so disparate in size....

Monday, May 20, 2013

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I thought you'd be interested in this post on Hometalk, the buzzing online community where home-owners and professionals trade helpful advice and referrals for repair, renovation, gardening and more.

Check it out: Front Yard Still in Progress...

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Detours in Life.....

On the way to my Vacation.......

I didn't count on a few things happening the way they have this last month. I have every intention of having my 5 day vacation/staycation starting on March 6....but life has a way of throwing us curves...

March 6 was our 20th Wedding Anniversary and we spent that morning getting my folks and brother off to CA then we went out for lunch and got out our Glasses from our wedding and the bottle of sparkling Cider from my friend Barbara Jones at Apple Rose Cottage Apple Rose Cottage on Facebook and her blog of Apple Rose Cottage Blog and then about 4:30 pm

I got a call that my father had fallen and broken his "good" ankle, and was in the hospital...what has transpired since then has been hospitals, surgeries, nursing home, Stroke, Mom's scans and cancer status updates, visits from brother, AND working more than usual...Finding and signing legal forms, multiple doctor visits that require special transports for my dad and I attended times I feel like I'm in a fog yet...I think possibly that is so much better than the massive stress I was under last summer.

So the Blessings of the Lord, prayers of friends, and a wonderful husband has gotten me through this last month without falling apart and I know I really could have if I hadn't gotten this help plus forcing me to make some decisions... say NO to people I have always said "YES" to in the past....etc.