Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Be still more images

Really enjoying taking time to get some quiet and simple images for this online class. A full 52 weeks of classes is an amazing idea! I cannot do the photo a day but a few a week is #easypeasy! Well..not so much...haha @KimKlassen is an incredible instructor with a wealth of learned information from trial and error... and many items she shares and the classes are so reasonable doubt they even cover the time she takes but I have a feeling she is #notinitforthemoney but for the #socialfriendships she makes! Check out #bestill_52 on instagram or her site!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Snapshop new web cam...

Quick snap...... trying out my new webcam for look...ok so I did doctor it a BIT in photoshop....  

Be still 52 assignment pastel preset

I have begun a new passion that of Hydrangea's! Not sure why I didn't like them before, I tend to not like huge flowers but now I see this is a mop head and made up of tinier flowers so it suits my cottage sensibilities just fine!

Another one...no so happy with this one...

Monday, April 6, 2015

Surface Pattern Design

In the meantime I'm also learning how to use Adobe Illustrator to do my own surface pattern design. Here is my first try, all of the individual pieces are illustrated from my own drawings of flowers from my home and yard. I'm calling this collection

My cottage life...

A recent image from my Be Still 52 classes. So far behind in posting but this one I was very proud of

After this one I was able to do a few more haven't even shared yet on the class pages 

and Finally definition of "still"