Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New to me Craft Workbench! Oh what a thing of beauty it will be!

I was in this antique Store that I frequent looking around and returning a footstool I got for my mom but they said I could return it for store credit if it didn't work. And it was great...but was almost bigger than her CHAIR still looking for just the right would be that stool cut in about half hehe

ANYWAY the lady was showing me things they took out of an estate including some very old windows. While she was looking for them she asked me if I didn't know anyone who might enjoy this huge piece of craft workbent. There are shelves all set up to stretch canvases, or needlework, etc...had about 5 or 6 very large pieces with the nails on it ready for stretching. I said not sure who could use this thing but how much did she want. She said $125 but she would sell to me for $50. I said even at $50 would be way too much for me.
So before I left I told her I was going to take pictures, but as I walked around and saw how sturdily built this was and it has all these little side pockets and etc...and I began to think of how I could remake this a little and of course paint it (I paint everything!) and I would basically have the studio workbench I have been wanting to build forever! So I went out and  said "you'll take $50 cash for that right?" she said YES and I said I'll take it!

Now my biggest concern will be how much I'll have to take it apart to get it into my room! but If I have to take it halfway apart I think with how well built it is worth it! Just needed to let my brain look closer at its Possibilites not its limitations! I will have to do some update pictures as I go and see what this can be in its full glory!

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