Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Journey of Life --- Constantly Learning

Just this week I had to take time to reflect on the past and how much I love to learn new things, and how that alone has kept me going in times of great struggle and difficult times I am able to turn those into times of learning.

I believe if we ever stop learning, we really stop living. There is always some knowledge to be gained in every situation we encounter, things about ourselves, about God, about the universe as a whole, about our fellow man, about marriage and finances, about family dynamics, about the way people in diverse situations from you view life differently and why.

I believe myself to be open minded in a way that means I want to learn, though because of some of my beliefs others would call me closed minded. I seem to see they are the more closed minded because they do nothing to try to discover anything different than what they have decided is right and true or why someone would believe something different from them.

Learning about others beliefs do no diminish mine, sometimes they enhance them, sometimes they influence them, many times they just distinguish them. But I am open to information that is presented from sources I can trust and from people I know to be truthful and free from deception themselves. 

This is not a preaching post. I can do that anytime. This was about a discussion I had with a teacher 2 days ago who remembered me from being in his Algebra 2 class in 1979. We discussed how I love to still continue to learn and he said that was one reason he remembered me. He remembered those who really wanted to learn and that I was one of those students. Out of over 5000 students before and since it was nice to be remembered that way. We discussed many other things such as my desire to teach and share what I learn as well as discovering what is important in this life and what is not.

So even though this post does not do all of the things that people do to attract followers like the recent blog webinar I purchased and attended most of, it was what was on my heart to say today. 

I hope you also continue to allow yourself to learn daily, like a child where everything is a discovery. When they discover how to roll over, or walk, or tie their shoes. All the way to learn how to give love without expecting something in return and receiving love without the need to feel obligated.