Saturday, December 15, 2012

OH Christmas tree.....

This Years tree I've added a bit here and there but it is sadly missing a top! I want to make something special but so far can't figure what I want to do. I am thinking along the line of a glittery star made out of grapevines If I can ever get to it!

My husband prefers big fat house doesn't agree! He also prefers lights with color. I have to have white...just doesn't fit in with my "decor"!

So far nothing is set up under the tree except the tree skirt which has its own story and I will have to tell it separately...later...

This year I added a lot more white and clear balls along with an old fashioned silver/gold looking balls. I thought about adding glitter to them but they seem to make their own statements so far.

I wanted to turn my cottage into a "christmas cottage" but with working so much I just don't believe I am going to have the time so maybe next year. I hope to at least get something done out front to pretend I have it planned.

Hope your days are merry and bright!


  1. Beautiful! I'll pretend your tree is my tree!!

  2. Very nice, Tanya. I enjoyed reading it. Your tree is gorgeous..... You are such an inspiration!

    Sue Hammond-Arthur