Saturday, October 27, 2012

Guess I have to post this one by itself to send a link to it only....for the postcard challenge..

Challenges to get going....

I am really trying to get back into my digital and traditional art and trying something that is a quick challenge for me is a good thing. First the challenge I did was one for Breast Cancer awareness month....I took the ribbon and used it and created a unique card.

Then I forced myself to use my new painter 12.2 and some new brushes but old techniques I always head back to for my painting technique...Its what I know! This is a challenge from digital nuts last week,
Last but not least....I did a halloween collage challenge. I'm not much into the dark side of halloween stuff but wanted to at least get something done, Was supposed to use the colors orange, black, purple and green and here is mine

Ok thats all for now.....