Thursday, January 17, 2013

In a Quandary!

First Dilemma
Recently I was in a collectors 'marketplace' and a lot of booths had things half off and I found this awesome vintage Grumbacher Metal Art case! If you know Grumbacher you know they have been around forever! It does have rust on it....and I want to paint it..but I'm battling with the fact that it is an original but it has words written in perm marker on the outside...and I think this would be sooo cool with an antique paint scheme and a nice transfer of maybe a french design...what do you all think? I have a 2nd dilemma below not so critical I don't think....I've seen boxes like this go from $25 (with no famous name but very similar to this) up to $75 value.....what would you do? Really I don't need another thing as just a collectible if its worth a lot maybe I should sell it!

AWESOME FIND only about $5 at a discount store I love it!
Full interior of Grumbacher case

Rear of Grumbacher Metal  Art Case 

2nd Dilemma..
..this has the name WILTON on it and it is a huge maybe jelly roll or some sort of a broiler pan 18" x 15". I'm wondering if I should turn this into a piece of wall with magnets and chalkboard paint...or if I should clean it up and use it someday? Pretty heavy duty...I looked and I can get a brand new one (smaller) for only $10 but I know they are not as nice and heavy as this one. Only says Wilton in the very Middle

Ok blog friends....what would you do? 


  1. Tanya,
    I think I would sell the Grumbacher art case, as for the pan I think you should turn it into wall art. It would be a lot of work to scrub it up, and you probably would scratch up the finish. Anyway, that is what I would do. Amanda

  2. I don't know what its worth but boy the things u can do with it, lol. can't wait to get my house so I can begin to find things to redo so be prepared i'll probably be bugging u for ideas, lol