Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Working with props

One thing in still life you learn is how to group and arrange a composition that speaks something in its single image. Learning how to compose these items is one of the hardest things in photography as there is never a "right" way to do so, however there are many "wrong" ways. You simply need to look at an image and feel it makes you feel off kilter, or find it odd in its mood, or simply just seems juvenile or nothing unique or special.

In the use of props many times you have to play with items in several situations taking multiple shots before you land upon one that seems like you have the ability to "enjoy" the image without trying to fix it or decide some way it can be done better.

I started with these 3 items trying to get the idea about how things come together in my life from the life outdoors to the crafting indoors though a simple image to me in conveys a simple message of today, along with the texture of the table and background.

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