Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trust the process

Sometimes we head in directions where we do not know where the path will end. We do know that it is heading in a good way but hard to see the end from the beginning. Right now I am simply "enjoying the journey" as a part of this week's prompt to trust the process. In class this has to do with learning how to express ourselves through photography but really it spills out into every area of our lives.

Do we trust the process of the perfecting of our lives? Do we constantly nip at the pathway and wonder if it is worth the hassle it seems to create. Are we on a good path to being with that is able to be trusted? If you are on a path that leads to anything but to become more like Christ then we are not on a path that can be trusted.

Many think they are simply standing still in life, but since life is always going forward if we are not going forward then we are sliding back.

This image is the start of the morning. Many like coffee..I am not yet a coffee connoisseur but I do know my MOCHA! When I go to #dutchbros I ask for my drink to be "breve" which I guess means made with cream instead of milk. Less carbs for me is good.

This image shows a portion of the process needed to make my morning mocho which I consume about 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes it is sooo soothing to just sit relax and drink the warm liquid.

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