Monday, February 4, 2013

Textures in Photography a lot to see and learn!

There are so many uses these days for textures in photography, some are free, some are charged for (along with some information on how to use them) and some I even made myself and share freely...I wanted to post some links so you can just look for yourselves...First off I will share my textured images....then the list of my you will see that mine is so minute compared to so many others, But I haven't really done any in a year or two been doing so much other stuff so I do have an excuse (sort of) I tend to do things then want to do something else then move on...sometimes I move back but haven't had the time since remodelling and fixing up and cleaning out and and and and ...
This image is a recent set that I have been doing with a cafe theme. This is a combination of my photography, my textures with words and using another person's texture over the top and a digital painting of the cup and saucer in a watercolor look. I made the wording texture...and used another grungy texture from bitbox to make it what I wanted. You can see it here...and see what other say about it...

My textured images...
I did use textures on some of my other pieces to see it all just go to

The textures I created...

What is cool is when someone uses one of my textures they share with me that they used it and show me the outcome I created a group where they can post when they use one of my textures..

.these are all under scrapbuddy2 since changing name in mid stream confuses people but here is my group

I need to go through find more and invite them to the group...thats a good thing to put on my list...cuz many don't know about the group and love to be invited usually. to the ones I really want to share...

This group of textures are free to use....make sure you download the original size image if you're going to save them to your hard drive...but always keep a file with their name so you can give credit when possible

This is similar but these textures are big enough to do very large images some don't post very large textures this one says HIGH RESOLUTION ONLY

Similar more textures...yes you will find many duplicates because many people belong to many groups. The more "hits" you get or "like"s the more you get notariety on Flickr...I have made it to "explored" which means they make it in the top 100 for at least a portion of a day which is a big deal to flickr people I have my one Explored site cuz I was pretty proud of being "explored"

More free textures

Here is where people have posted pictures where they have used textures. Normally they share where they got the texture so you can see and also credit the artist of the texture

Ok now for the paid for popular is florabella check out her artwork..this is where she sells her textures and techniques

These are people who have purchased her textures and actions and posted

this lady doesn't charge and is just an amazing artist but could easily are people who have used her textures...

Here are her free textures

ok...this is the last one Ill share I just love her artwork and she has some amazing textures...if you search around flickr you will be lost for years just getting ideas!
Ruby Blossom textures that are free
Winter textures
Texture frames
Grunge etx

Ok....just go here and see...there are multiple pages of her textures and her images!

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