Monday, February 11, 2013

Ever feel guilty getting things for less than half their usual price?

Nobody but me probably does! But boy did I get a haul from a friend who used to own Mulberry Tree, she is going to open up another shop but only offering large furniture not little stuff. And though she hated parting with these things she let me have first pick! Then she threw in several smaller items....and I cannot even tell you how little I paid I feel so guilty!

What was truly funny is Kelly said I took everything she was having 2nd thoughts on selling! Just waaaay too much alike!

See my treasures



  1. It's wonderful to find a sale like this......even if you do feel a little guilty! Such wonderful things!

    1. Hey Vintage Life, thank you for posting and entering! Yes the things were wonderful the price extremely reasonable...There was something that I had agreed to buy, then I saw this awesome old farm table and asked her if that was for sale...she kind of hemmed and hawed about it..but finally said..I have never in my life thought aobut selling that farm table but....I hate to have to put it back in storage after my grandson's birhtday so .....Then I let her go ahead and sell the awesome old fashioned glass hutch (oold old glass) which she offered to me for $175 said if she didn't sell it for more than I would buy both...but of course she did sell it first offer was $350 she put $400 on it...but now that farm table you know the kind cost $1000 usually? for $250! How could a person pass that up?

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