Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pinterest--Tips and Tricks

Just some things I've discovered over the past year or so being very involved in Pinterest. There are so many now who are talking about how to use Pinterest to advance your business, I only wanted to let people know how to enjoy the site for themselves...

  1. FOLLOW ALL--Only "follow all" close friends and family. You will find yourself overwhelmed by many "new boards" that get added by who you "follow all" because the moment you add a new board, those who "follow all" get added to that board. Go to someones profile and pick and choose to follow only the boards you want. But be sure that you do "follow all" for good friends and family sometimes they add boards they think you will like and you won't see them unless they reach out to you personally
  2. FOLLOW ALL AND DELETE--Go to the people you "follow all" and just click on the boards you don't want to follow. As boards get added you see them pretty quickly, and if you don't want to follow simply click on the "board name" which will take you to that specific board and "unfollow" that one board.
  3. Don't get added on too many "multi people" boards
    If it is a large board they will fill up all of your newest pins when you sign on and you only get to see so many when first join. Enjoy the boards on occasion, if its a great board you can chance it that it won't be too overwhelming or you can simply bookmark that board and come back to it in the future.
  4. When you pin something it offers you to "follow" the original board-- Don't get sucked in too many times. You'll end up following so many board those who you really want to see pins from will drop off your front page. You will only get to see your favorite people you follow if they happen to pin about the same time you get online. Simply click on the photo, not the follow button, and it will take you to that board and you can pin things from the board that you like. You might really find a "kindred spirit" and love what they pin, so check out their other boards by clicking on their "name" and see the rest of their boards. You can follow all (reminding yourself you will see every new board they add) or you can specifically follow every board or pick and choose (which I do!)
  5. Keep your number of boards you follow to a non overwhelming # The problem is when you are gone a long time you only get to see a certain number of recent pins (about 100 or so) and if your friends haven't pinned in the last few hours you won't see a single one of those pins...the ones you really want to watch for.
  6. Keep track of the friends you really want to know what they pin just type in their name in the search box--I do this with several of my friends that I really want to see what they pinned. When I get to their page I click on "pins" which is in the row started with the number of boards see the image at the top for what I'm talking about. I do this with only about 5 or 6 friends and I love so many of their pins and they mean more to me than the most recent 100 from people I don't know...though I do love to look at those too! 
  7. Use the categories tab at the top of the page...helps you to see images you wouldn't normally see and find pins but be careful not to really "follow all" of these people until you really look at their pins...they might really be good on one subject, also be careful of even following this particular board...gotten some really raunchy stuff this way...its easily undone though click on the board name and simply click "unfollow" top is a picture of the categories tab ok I'll leave off with this...enough for now will maybe add some more in the future...


  1. Such great advice! I'm on Wordpress so I was able to install a widget on my blog's sidebar that shows my nine most recent pins (I can even show more too). It's definitely has helped grow my Pinterest following -- though, I'm nowhere near your numbers yet!

    :) Linda

    1. I don't seem to have any problems getting pinterest followers I have more problems getting blog followers! With Pinterest "if you board it they will come" has been what seems to happen with me. Daily I can have up to 15 people added to at least one of my boards and they only have to follow one board to be counted in "followers". Once you get so high You don't have to do much to get new followers that is for sure!

  2. Did not know any of this now I will bookmark this page to keep up with the info in case I FORGET shared it because I have found people really don't know the right way to use it thanks tanya

  3. This was something I had no idea you were to do this so I shared it with others on my page because I think a lot of people don't really do it the right way and on google thanks for the info I'm going to bookmark this just in case I forget things very well written michelle