Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Water Can Collection aka Artifying an image

Recently I offered a signed copy of Glicee print by Marilyn Sholin which I received for a donation I made to a fund. It wasn't really in my type of decorating and never knew what to do with it, so I offered it on a group I knew would know who Marilyn is and appreciate her work. Its value in the digital art community much more than a general community, but probably worth close to $100. I did not want money for it because I paid no money for it.

I got 2 immediate responses, one who knows Marilyn personally, has lived in New Orleans (subject matter) and didn't have this particular print of bourbon street. Another was a new member of the group and I had already promised to the first lady so I told the 2nd lady to pick out one of my images from Flickr and let me send her one of those.

She choose one I called my watering can collection shown here...but I asked her if I could "artify"  it a bit. She doesn't know I am going to put it on an 8 x 10 canvas with a transfer here is the before....

Here is the after...Added texture from my own collection I created and a little bit of an aged effect. I will take a picture of it before I mail it if it looks like I want it to. Have to dry it over night.

I printed it out on my laser printer onto Freezer paper, then I should have printed it in reverse and use Gel medium on the canvas and place the image on top of the gel...then let it completely dry overnight. As I was typing this I realized I didn't print it in reverse...then I thought no big deal EXCEPT the words on the front most can is readable! oh well...I get to keep one then. So back to the printing board...anyway...I'll take a picture of the BETTER one so all can see...if you are interested...

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