Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finding a purpose

I've had these bags of multi colored rocks for a few years now that I got half price because they had holes in the bags and possibly some had fallen out...I loved the rock but wasn't sure what to do with them. I did add a little to the dry creek bed in Jim's shade garden...added more after this picture

So I did add a little more to this dry creek bed (they get lost under dirt afterawhile....and a few days ago I was standing by what I lovingly call my "junk pile" before I did the major overhaul on my back yard I created this one space that was near our patio that at least was pleasant, filling it full of things I would find at yard sales, or free, or a few items I purchased but mostly things I found (like the drooping desk) alongside the road....and enjoyed that for a few years. In the beginning I grew allysum in white and purple on the bottom to show off the items above. With all the other work in my yard this had fallen into somewhat of disrepair...but here it is a few years ago before it was left more or less unattended...

This is earlier last month...still ok but the bottom just looks messy. I had to pull out some of the grass as it was overwhelming everything...I then planted the grass into my old wheelbarrow beside this...planted my huge asters behind the wheelbarrow...

So now this is where the multicolored rock comes in...I was looking at this...working on it cleaning it thinking the ground covers I've planted are the same size as they were when I planted them 2 years ago (can see a little bit of them) and thought it is too late to try to grow allysum this summer...besides I have to do that every year...maybe I should do something decorative...WAIT I have this cool rock...that I love but have never used (and Michelle came and STOLE a whole big gulp glass of it! hehe) and though I'm still working on this I think the rock makes a HUGE difference...what do you think?

You can see the wheelbarrow in the right corner, and the asters behind, and that I removed the grass now its in the wheelbarrow...I only have to keep the rocks up now I am loving this. (oops in the first one the giant star fell down but in the 2nd one I picked it back up!

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