Saturday, August 11, 2012

Accessible Back yard--Please vote...daily if you can!

For those of you who dont' follow this on of my close friend's cousin in trying to win a backyard makeover to make it wheelchair accessible for him and his family. Every day I get to go and give one single vote...but I do it every day. I have posted it wayyy too many times on facebook to be bothersome to those who don't want to see it so thougth I'd post here to my blogging friends...and family....

Click here and Entry 15 for Allison and her husband should show up. You dont' have to sign up just click "vote" and it will help. They were  neck and neck yesterday but the other one slipped ahead overnight...I am sure they are both worthy of their makeovers...just nice to know someone I know whose family would benefit!

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