Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tealight holder

Decided I would do 2 of these tealight holders for may aunts as my mom was headed up there. I got the tealights at the dollar store 8 for $1 and only used 6 for this.

A few things I learned, fold all the folds first, backwards from the way you want, then forwards the way you want. I used the scrapbooking tabs to be quick but if I had time I would have used glue woud have made this so much stronger. I used photo paper to print on and looked very professional.

After creating the box, I put a tab where it says glue, I also put one on the other side of the flap and I held each corner and kind of pressed it inward to give it more strength.

I found on this particular one I should have not cut so close on the top outsides, I should have made sure it had plenty of room. I think I might even change the template to add flaps to fold inside the box to make it look better on top and bottom

This is how it all fit, and when all together really looked nice. I think I might make some of these up ahead and have ready for little pick me up gifts for people I meet. Whole thing cost me less than $1!

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