Sunday, January 8, 2012

My handmade items

I got these cool pink and green strs and trees marshmellows so I separated them out to make the colors not mix and the kids seemed to enjoy them. They also enjoyed.the fluffy blankets I got each one of them. We had total 14 there for dinner turned out good and yummy mexican food.

The recipe for thes are soooo easy...

melt 3 TB of butter and one package of marshmellows in large pan
when melted add 6 cups of rice cripspies, make sure you butter everything including your own fingers/hands so things won't stick.

Pur into a shaped pan, or just a casserole dish. Wait till cool, take out of pan to cut.

To make them REALLY yummy add one cup of peanut butter into the melted mixture before adding the rice cripsies.

EASY AS PIE>>>>>>wait pie is hard, Easy as abc haha

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  1. They came out great!! I am sure they all really loved and enjoyed them!! Glad you had a great time..nice to visit family, specially during the holidays.