Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bag Topper, so easy to make.

Oh Thanks Marley you sure help a lot! I am trying to find a bag to show you what this
would look like on different items, and Marley is checking it out to see if it fits.

Oh, and I figured out I should have folded the
item BEFORE I cut the slits for the hand hold,
then cut the handholds at the same time. Much
more stable.

Marley thinks this one fits pretty good. She likes cheese much better than sweets....
did you know that cats can't taste sweet tastes? Harkens back to jungle days so I have
been told...but she seems to love a lot of stuff like cheese......This topper is a coastal
holiday topper. I would like it better on some good chocolate or fudge or something.

Here is the chocolate but bummer it is too small...Marley is no where in sight for
testing out my chocolate bag. Oh well, just have to eat the chocolate and not give away. Breaks my heart....

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  1. cute idea maybe i will make a gift for someone soon.

    thanks for the ideas.