Saturday, October 18, 2014

BKS part 2...Organizing...ANYTHING!

Ok my 2nd post...I have a bunch of Organizing Boards I call BKS because I NEED all of them so badly. Why so many? I was pinning them so fast and furious was having thosands in one board and what good is that??? So.... If you're interested in

A Professional Office

Important Documents

Craft Supplies

Cleaning the bathroom and doing laundry

Kitchen, food, Pantry, Meals

Jewelry and Girly stuff

Closets, clothing, and accessories and Shoes

Computer supplies and accessories

Children's Rooms and Toys

Shed, Garden and Outdoor Supplies

Garage and Storage

Christmas Trimmings

Using Vintage Pieces to Store Things

even ...the car

A Vacation

Finally just your garden variety....

Organization and Storage--not otherwise classified

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