Friday, October 17, 2014

BKS -- Best Kept Secrets -- Home health

Do we have any idea how fast our lives flash by? From moments that seem to hang on forever to years that we can hardly remember the beginning from the end our lives play out every day. Finding things that help us to live that life in better ways, with a closer walk with God and better relationships, a better use of our time by organizing, better use of our funds, and taking better care of our health.

I love to use Pinterest to create Boards I have dubbed "BKS" or BEST KEPT SECRETS. These may not really have been secret but have been non accesible to us until the internet came into being and we are able to do so much research from our homes to help us with our life purpose and direction.

This is one of the Boards I have that I go to a lot. I believe that God has prepared things in nature or within our own bodies that help us to heal or improve. This I call "home-eopathic" mostly meaning things we can do from home to help us on a daily basis in health situations.
This is the link to my board and if you check it out and like it would you let me know what you think? Any there you hadn't seen before?

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