Tuesday, October 15, 2013

To Paint or Not to Paint....

I Have had this in my home for about 20 years. Used to be my moms. She had no room for it. It is an actual BAR, had places for Ice buckets in the door, a slide out tray for getting to items, places to hang glasses, places for bottles in the door... BUT it wasn't useful for anything else at all.

I have removed and SAVED all of those special items from the inside...along with the screws etc. But the outside is just a little too.

So what is your opinion?
First Picture shows it in a decent form
 This is the top part the rolling shelf is set down and no long rolls but you can see the glass hangers in the back somewhat there were 2 racks on the doors for other glasses
 This is the lower shelf, On the doors of this is where about 60% of all the big pieces that took up so much room.
 So as a storage unit its not so bad...need to make it work...
 See how the top is so damaged? That is my guilt free idea to paint this
 Of course these knobs will not get painted will be removed and stay as is
 There is plenty of detail in the corners...I think painting would bring that out


  1. What a fantastic piece. I love it and think it would look great painted. Hope you share if you do!

  2. Thank you Melinda....I think I have decided to paint....will have to post before and after pictures....I always appreciate comments on my blog..don't get too many.

  3. just found you thru 'hometalk', and then came to your blog... i have a piece, that reminds me of this... but mine has only 2 doors, and no shelves inside. i thought that it had been a storage chest for record albums. I found it on the curb {"one man's trash"} a few years ago, and have been using it for fabric storage in my sewing room. All I've done is clean it up, but have thought of painting it. Would love to see yours when it's done! This is my blog... {though, as you'll see, I haven't done much blogging in a long while!} http://queenvic.blogspot.com/

  4. I think you've painted this since this post? I thought I remembered seeing it redone, and it looked awesome...

  5. Debi B, Actually I have not been able to paint this...Since I posted these pictures we've had family medical issue after issue. Right now It is sitting there unloved, yet I have covered it with my coffee stuff set up and so guess its not too bad. Thank you for asking! I want to do a before and after soon.