Friday, June 1, 2012

What is a Cottage heart?

So why did I choose the title Cottage at heart? I can happily admit that it lifts my spirits when I even think of it. I believe the bible says a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Also says Think on what is true, just and right. We need to believe in God's goodness, that He has plans for us, that HIS ways are higher than ours, that He can and will do abundantly above what we ask or think. So to me, Cottage at heart brings me to a place of stillness, of spending time early in the morning with him, even in the middle of winter seeing my cottage brings me joy...which we know always comes from GOD.

Yes I will admit that I have a Pollyanna look at life...The Glad Game. In everything that looks bad you try to find something to be glad about. Many people make fun of people having a pollyanna outlook but I believe we are commanded to always look for the good, find the blessings that have come from God, might really be hidden. In the movie Pollyanna said one time they got a pair of crutches in the "missionary barrell" and someone asked what in the world could they be glad about that, she said "we were glad that none of us needed them!"

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  1. great intro love the ending it really is inspiring and gets to know you as a person better and who you are.