Monday, February 15, 2016

Coloring pages

Been playing around with new coloring book pages, here are some of my recent editions

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Can you Believe its been two years?

Two years ago my Mom passed away from complications of Breast Cancer. Sometimes it seems like it just happened and sometimes it seems like it has been years.

It is amazing how much my perspective has changed over the last 2 years about life, accumulation of 'stuff', the importance of relationships and many other things.

Been trying to recreate my mom's homemade meals (with her flavor etc) as my dad wants what he is familiar with and is comforting to him. Do you know how much work a simple potato salad is??? Made one and dad wasn't impressed! Too much mustard, too "soupy", potatoes not cooked enough! My husband on the other hand LOVED it all. So this weekend I created one of my mom's meatloafs and am redeemed in my dad's eyes! 

It was my brothers birthday last weekend and I made him the deviled eggs he loves and those turned out I am two good, one not so good in dad's eyes! 

This year's fair is my first one knowing AHEAD of time that I am the Superintendent of the Hobby/Craft section. I have been getting a few calls here and there. We did add some categories and we have brought some from the State Fair categories, also changed up to highlight the techniques instead of the finished item (weaving instead of "woven basket").

If you are interested in joining in the Josephine County Fair this year, here is the correct fair premium book and categories...Hope to see you all there! 

@ourjocofair #ojcftrashtotreasure #ojcfbringyourbling #ojcfHACS!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Be still more images

Really enjoying taking time to get some quiet and simple images for this online class. A full 52 weeks of classes is an amazing idea! I cannot do the photo a day but a few a week is #easypeasy! Well..not so much...haha @KimKlassen is an incredible instructor with a wealth of learned information from trial and error... and many items she shares and the classes are so reasonable doubt they even cover the time she takes but I have a feeling she is #notinitforthemoney but for the #socialfriendships she makes! Check out #bestill_52 on instagram or her site!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Snapshop new web cam...

Quick snap...... trying out my new webcam for look...ok so I did doctor it a BIT in photoshop....